We pioneered and perfected the art of collaboration management.

Our first R&D program developed an on-demand manufacturing system for the U.S. Navy. The just-in-time manufacturing method replaced an outdated model of producing and warehousing lots of parts in case they were needed later for critical repairs. It is still in use at multiple military depots to this day.Our second large program developed product data standards that share product information among supply chains. It’s unthinkable now that a complex system such as a plane, automobile, ship, electronic equipment or appliance would be made without digital records. At the time, the creation of these standards was a disruptive technical break-through. Now they are used worldwide in the manufacture of hundreds of thousands of products in virtually every industry.

Today, ATI leads federally-funded programs with a combined contract value exceeding $16 billion.

Hailey DolanHISTORY