Defense Electronics Consortium (DEC)

The Defense Electronics Consortium (DEC) is a DoD–sponsored consortium of industry and academia members with a mission to strengthen the economic and force posture of the U.S. defense electronics industrial base. Projects to address those issues can then be funded through the DEC, which is an Other Transaction Agreement that allows for research, prototyping and follow-on production without requiring the effort to be recompeted. The DEC provides direct links between the electronics industry and the DoD. Through funded projects and a variety of programs such as conferences, networking events, and white papers, the DEC is working to bolster the security and resiliency of the defense electronics supply chain.

The DEC works with DoD leadership to help identify challenges, needs, and opportunities in defense electronics. Projects to address those issues can then be funded through an Other Transaction Agreement, which allows for research, prototyping and follow-on production. A secure member portal facilitates the entire process, which gives smaller and non-traditional defense suppliers greater access to DoD opportunities.


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