DoD Forging Consortium (FDMC)

FDMC is the nexus for the forging industry and the United States Government. FDMC aims to identify, investigate, develop, and deploy technical and enterprise solutions to improve capability and competitiveness of the forging industry in support of US government forging supply chains.

The PRO-FAST Program Objective

FDMC’s PRO-FAST Program is designed to create innovative solutions to reduce the disproportionate amount of unfilled orders issued by the Defense Logistics Agency, as caused by shortcomings in forging supply chains. Via a portfolio of projects, the program is investigating, developing and deploying concepts to improve the quality, productivity and technology of the US forging industry. Ultimately, the FDMC PRO-FAST teams are striving to implement this suite of solutions across industry and government to support the warfighter requiring forged components.


Visit the FDMC website to learn more about this collaboration.

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