ATI manages an extensive portfolio of federally funded research, development, and prototype collaborations. These consortia represent business opportunities across a broad range of technology domains, including shipbuilding and ship repair, advanced materials, medical technologies, electromagnetic spectrum capabilities, space technologies, and rapid prototyping. Despite their differences, these fields share a need for diverse teams of large and small companies, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions working together to develop effective technology solutions.

Some ATI-managed collaborations are traditional FAR-based consortia. Some are Other Transaction authority models that encourage participation by “nontraditional” organizations (firms that have not recently worked for the Government). Participation requirements are unique to each collaboration.

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American Metalcasting Consortium – An industry-led consortium developing new technologies and processes that support the DLA in the procurement of critical cast parts.

Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium – Develop and transition Army aviation and missile manufacturing technologies, and integrate advanced technologies, techniques and processes into future effective weapon systems.

Border Security Technology Consortium – Research, development, prototyping, and piloting initiatives to meet border security requirements and close capability gaps.

Center for Naval Metalworking – Reducing the cost and time to build and repair key naval platforms.

Composites Manufacturing Technology Center – An ONR Center of Excellence developing composites for advanced weapons systems.

Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Consortium – Developing technologies to detect, prevent, and protect against weapons of mass destruction.

Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium – Teaming the US forging industry with the DoD to address supply chain challenges and research needs.

Information Warfare Research Project – Developing and implementing advanced Information Warfare technology solutions.

Medical CBRN Defense Consortium – Supporting the DoD’s medical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic requirements to enhance the effectiveness of military personnel.

Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium – Industry and academia collaborate with Government to provide cutting-edge technologies to help protect, treat and optimize Warfighters’ health.

National Armaments Consortium – The focal point for armaments system technology research and development across the DoD, the NAC is comprised of more than 500 companies and academic institutions.

National Shipbuilding Research Program – A Navy-sponsored, industry-led collaboration of shipyards that is reducing the cost of building and repairing Navy ships.

National Spectrum Consortium – Government, industry, and academia collaborate to develop technologies that broaden access to and use of the electromagnetic spectrum

Naval Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Center – Developing and deploying advanced manufacturing technologies to reduce the cost and time required to build and repair Navy ships.

Space Enterprise Consortium® – Reducing risk and increasing constellation refresh rates to improve the availability of new technology on-orbit and to enhance system responsiveness and survivability.

Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium – Rapid development, prototyping and commercialization of innovative undersea and maritime technology.

Vertical Lift Consortium – Government, industry, and academic collaboration to develop and transition innovative vertical lift technologies to meet Warfighter needs