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The Impact Of 5G On Job Growth With Sal D’Itri, Chairman Of The National Spectrum Consortium

January 18, 2021 •

Carrie Charles talks with Sal D’Itri, the Chairman of the National Spectrum Consortium and Vice President and General Manager of Federal for Federated Wireless. Together, they talk about how employment can be impacted by 5G in the future, how it will reach domestic homes, and what to expect when integrating it to our everyday lives.

JADC2, but for medics: Military looks to link medical networks, data

January 15, 2021 •

A consortium of medical enterprise technology developers has been asked to develop prototypes to link medical data, software and situational awareness across different parts of the military, from research labs to tactical responders. The solicitation adds another health data interoperability project to the ongoing major electronic health records overhaul programs the DOD is working on.

Aviation enterprise ready to build on 2020 milestones

January 6, 2021 •

The use of existing, negotiated Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium OTA agreements, during the CD&RR effort allowed the project office to be more effective by streamlining the traditional acquisition process and significantly reducing risk before the program of record. Realized outcomes of the OTA include reduced schedule to award, increased cost efficiencies and increased flexibility.

New spectrum contract comes as Pentagon prepares to boost 5G efforts

December 28, 2020 •

The National Spectrum Consortium’s new five-year, $2.5 billion deal comes as the Defense Department prepares to ramp up its fifth-generation wireless prototyping activities in 2021, putting the group at the center of a Pentagon program with implications for both military and civilian technologies.

Wearable COVID-19 sensor receives major award from the U.S. Department of Defense

December 17, 2020 •

Sibel Health — a Northwestern spinout commercializing the sensor — has received a highly competitive $2.4 million from the U.S. Department of Defense through a Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium award. The award will support the technology’s continued development and deployment.

Army Picks National Spectrum Consortium for $2.5B Prototype OTA

December 16, 2020 •

The Spectrum Forward OTA’s technology areas include massive multiple input, multiple output; 3D beam-forming; waveform diversity; multifunction radio frequency; cognitive spectrum sharing; machine learning; cognitive sensing; virtual reality; mixed reality; smart technologies; digital twin; and 5G.

There Are No Real Rules for Repairing Satellites in Space—Yet

December 10, 2020 •

CONFERS—the Consortium for Execution of Rendezvous and Servicing Operations—aims to establish standards for how these un-socially-distanced servicing satellites (and any private satellites meant to maneuver close together) should behave. The group’s members are companies with some stake in the industry, from anywhere in the world, who are interested in collaborating on how to be on their best behavior.

Navy to brief industry for upcoming research projects

December 3, 2020 •

Projects to involve processor/CANBus integration; automated inventory control; electronic emitters; maritime imaging sensors; and rapid decision making.

Northrop Grumman completes Solid Fuel Ramjet tests for US Army

December 1, 2020 •

Northrop Grumman has concluded several rounds of tests on its Solid Fuel Ramjet (SFRJ) tactical engine configuration. This effort was sponsored by the US Government under the Department of Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium OTA with the National Armaments Consortium.

NAVWAR Delivers Insights into Future Navy Needs at Industry Forum

December 1, 2020 •

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command’s (NAVWAR) top leaders provided candid insights into future Navy objectives and identified areas in need of industry support at the National Defense and Industrial Association (NDIA) San Diego Fall Forum, October 28 and 29 and announced plans to dive into specifics at an Industry Day scheduled for December 15.