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Air Force space consortium funding could grow to $12 billion over the next decade

September 3, 2019 •

The consortium currently has 325 members, a mix of traditional defense contractors, startups and purely commercial space firms. To date SpEC has awarded 54 prototype contracts in 16 different project areas worth about $312 million.

Here’s who will build and integrate the first hypersonic weapon system prototype

August 30, 2019 •

“With a collaborative effort by our partners in industry and the Department of Defense, we will advance this strategic weapon system and fulfill a critical mission for our nation,” said Lt. Gen. L. Neil Thurgood

Staying on the Forefront of Manufacturing

August 15, 2019 •

The Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium acts as the interface between the Forging Industry Association and the Defense Logistics Agency, working to develop and deploy integrated solutions to challenging technical and supply chain issues.

Advanced Technology International to Help Run Navy Manufacturing Tech Center

August 15, 2019 •

Advanced Technology International has won a five-year, $99M contract to help the U.S. Navy manage a center of excellence that was built to develop and transition naval manufacturing technologies to the private sector.

Report explores the Global Medical Device Technologies Market Analysis research likely to emerge over a period of 2018-2028

July 12, 2019 •

The increasing research and development activities are expected to facilitate optimized healthcare and increase the deployment of innovations in medical device technologies. Similar efforts are being taken by the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) which is an enterprise collaboration that enables R&D actions in government agencies.

Booz Allen Hamilton pursuing growth in military space programs

July 10, 2019 •

Booz Allen Hamilton targets the ground-based portion of military space systems. The company designed one of three ground system prototypes that will be competing in a project called Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution, or FORGE. The other two contenders are BAE Systems and Raytheon. The three teams designed FORGE prototypes under cost-sharing Other Transaction Authority contracts managed by the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center’s Space Enterprise Consortium.

Collaboration the Key to Resolving Spectrum Skirmishes

June 27, 2019 •

A close partnership between the DoD and the 200+ NSC members are working to tackle questions related to how spectrum can be shared, secure, and available.

ATI: A “gathering point” for innovation & collaboration

July 25, 2018 •

Our COO Bob Tuohy recently spoke with John Gilroy at Federal News Radio about how OTA’s and consortia are improving federal government acquisitions.

The Navy’s new acquisition tool speeds up tech prototyping

July 2, 2018 •

A research and development collaboration management company has been awarded a contract to helm a technology prototype consortium as part of a new acquisition process…

ATI to Manage Space Enterprise Consortium Under Potential $100M Air Force Deal

November 3, 2017 •

Advanced Technology Institute has won a potential five-year, $100 million “other transaction” agreement from the U.S. Air Force to oversee a consortium of commercial, nonprofit and academic organizations to develop space-related technology prototypes…