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Panasonic to Resell Alastar Solution from ATI

January 13, 2015 •

ATI today announced its subsidiary, Software Solutions, LLC, entered into a reseller relationship with Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

ATI’s Alastar Unveils Comprehensive Social Media Tool

October 30, 2014 •

ATI today announced the latest release of their situational awareness software, Alastar.

ATI’s Jon Tirpak Named ASM International Vice President

October 29, 2014 •

ATI’s Jon Tirpak was appointed as the ASM International Board Vice President during the annual business meeting in Pittsburgh, P.A. earlier this month. ASM is the world’s largest association of metals-centric materials professionals.

ATI Consortium Advancing National Metalcasting Technologies

October 29, 2014 •

SCRA today announced an initiative of part of its American Metalcasting Consortium, “Pathway to Improved Metalcasting Manufacturing Technology and Processes- Taking Metal Casting Beyond 2020.”

ATI Wins Manufacturing Technology Program

October 2, 2014 •

ATI today announced a new, cost shared contract with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The multi-year, $8.3 million contract, Procurement Readiness Optimization – Forging Advanced Systems (PRO-FAST) will focus on advanced technologies for forging supply chains.

ATI’s Alastar Software Takes Home Gold Award

September 16, 2014 •

ATI today announced that its wide-area situational awareness software, Alastar, received top recognition from the 2014 American Business Awards (ABA).

ATI Wins Re-Compete for Navy Center of Excellence

August 26, 2014 •

ATI today announced that they have been selected to lead the Navy Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence.

ATI Unveils Updated Alastar Software

July 30, 2014 •

This week, ATI released the newest version of their security software, Alastar™. The application delivers situational awareness and provides a common operating picture for both public safety and corporate organizations.

ATI Announces Three New Projects

July 10, 2014 •

SCRA today announced three new projects for their Shipbuilding Center of Excellence, the Center for Naval Shipbuilding Technology (CNST). CNST, managed and operated by ATI, is a Navy ManTech Center of Excellence, chartered by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop advanced manufacturing technologies and deploy them in U.S. shipyards.

ATI’s Dick Tiano Named Partner of the Year by SME

June 26, 2014 •

SCRA’s Dick Tiano has been named “Partner of the Year” by the SME Education Foundation for his volunteer service and work with schools, community, and industry throughout the year.