OTA 101 Webinars

There’s a lot of buzz around Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs) these days. OTAs are legally binding agreements that, when used in a research consortium, invite creative partnerships and collaboration between industry, academia, and government. In 1958, newly-created NASA was the first agency granted authority to use OTAs to quickly attract the best and brightest in industry and academia to accomplish its mission of establishing a national space program. Since then, OTAs have been integral in developing cutting-edge research and innovative prototypes to meet a wide variety of government challenges. OTAs encourage participation among industry and academia, including those who don’t normally work with the federal government.

What will you learn from an OTA 101 webinar? Each presentation is detailed and interactive. Our experts give an overview of OTAs, including information about the history of OTAs, what exactly they are, and what types are currently being used. We also explore how OTAs used in partnership with industry consortia and the benefits of this approach for government, industry, and academia. Finally, just before we open the webinar up to audience questions, we provide information on how you can get involved. 

Questions can be directed to Stacey Lindbergh, of the Program Management Office, at or (843) 760-3566.

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