ATI Lands $1.25 Billion Agreement

Will Manage the National Spectrum Consortium’s R&D Portfolio

Summerville, SC – ATI today announced that the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) has entered into a 5-year, $1.25B, Section 845 Prototype Other Transaction Agreement (OT) with U.S. Army Contracting Command-New Jersey (ACC-NJ). This agreement enables ATI, acting on behalf of the NSC, to execute and administer the efforts for this program. Dr. Vanu Bose of Vanu, Inc. will serve as the consortium’s industry lead.

The National Spectrum Consortium will support government and industry needs to promote collaboration among government, industry and academia, aligning with the National Information Technology R&D/Wireless Spectrum R&D Senior Steering Group’s mission. The group will work to meet the increasing demands for using the existing electromagnetic spectrums. If not addressed, this challenge could hamper U.S. innovation and economic growth and hinder U.S. military operations both domestically and overseas.

The Consortium will mature technologies that assist in improved electromagnetic spectrum awareness, sharing and use; experiment to better inform the best allocation of equipment for public and private objectives; validate new innovations to increase trust among spectrum stakeholders and develop policies to ensure new technology does not outpace the appropriate guidance for its best use.

“The signing of this Agreement is a testament to the outstanding work this team has done in gaining the confidence of the multiple stakeholders involved,” said ATI President Chris Van Metre. “Further, it reflects the incredible efforts of the entire company in developing our substantial past performance portfolio of collaborative R&D programs and consortia over the last couple of decades. We look forward to managing this new government and industry R&D portfolio, helping our Department of Defense and our men and women in uniform.”

About ATI

ATI (Advanced Technology Institute) builds and manages research collaborations that develop technology solutions to complex challenges. ATI leads diverse industries and organizations to develop technology solutions, typically for the Department of Defense and other federal clients. Our collaborative approach can be used to develop solutions for any industry or discipline. Our current R&D portfolio includes shipbuilding and ship repair, advanced materials, medical technologies, electromagnetic spectrum technologies and rapid DoD prototyping. Where it is a client goal, ATI ensures wide-spread industry adoption and application of new technologies. ATI manages over twelve large, federally-funded consortia with a contract value of more than $16 billion.

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