ATI’s Alastar Unveils Comprehensive Social Media Tool

Oct 30, 2014 Press Releases

Reveille Release Incorporates Extensive Search Tools to Expand Application

Summerville, SC – ATI today announced the latest release of their situational awareness software, Alastar.

“Reveille” includes several substantial enhancements of Alastar’s Social Media Widget. The first enhancement now allows the user to search both geo-located feeds and the feeds with no location defined, which represent the majority of public social media postings. This feature allows Alastar users, including public information officers and emergency managers, to see firsthand what the public is posting about an event or incident and allows for a more comprehensive search by analysts. The second enhancement, the Social Media Wall, will display all social media search results on a wall view. Both of these enhancements create significant new capabilities for personnel in real-time crime centers, allowing expanded options from the geospatial and tabular views in previous versions of the software.

“Alastar provides the big picture and the ability to share that across multiple agencies, providing effective and efficient responses,” said ATI Vice President Mark Aukamp. “The product delivers situational awareness and provides a common operating picture for public safety and corporate organizations. We are pleased to release the Reveille version of our software, which will allow users to better leverage social media feeds.”

The Alastar team attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Orlando, Fla. last week, where they showcased the software’s new social media features. The team will next be at the National Fusion Center Conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

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ATI’s Alastar Unveils Comprehensive Social Media Tool