OTA Resource Library

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This list of key government resources and contacts will help you understand OTA research and prototyping programs.

  • 10 U.S. Code 2371b: Provides authority to the DoD to carry out certain prototype projects
  • DoD Policy: Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, is the DoD point of contact for questions about the DoD policy regarding use of OTs to carry out prototype projects. Email the Office of the Deputy Director, DPAP, Contract Policy and International Contracting, regarding OTs to carry out prototype projects
  • Review the DoD Other Transactions Guide: November 2018
  • OTA 101 Webinar – ATI invites you to learn more about the world of OTAs and how you can get involved and bring your technologies to the federal market. Join a live, interactive OTA 101 webinar. Click here for dates and to register. You’ll learn:
    • The history and components of OTAs
    • How the consortium model promotes collaboration among the government, nonprofits, organizations of all sizes, and academic institutions
    • How to get involved and find opportunities for research and prototype development
  • DARPA’s Acquisition Innovation page – information on how OTAs work and their benefits, briefing papers, Congressional Research Service Reports on OTAs, articles, and training.
  • Defense Acquisition University – courses, continuous learning modules, and other resources for acquisition professionals.
  • AiDA/MITRE website – learn about Other Transactions and when to use them.