ATI builds and manages diverse industry, government, and academia teams.

ATI-managed R&D programs represent a diverse range of industries with challenges that require innovation from multiple organizations and disciplines.

  • For Government

    If you are a Government program manager who needs innovative technology solutions, ATI uses the power of collaboration to drive innovation from industry in answer to your most complex challenges faster than ever before.

  • For Industry

    If you are from industry and you want research and business opportunities, ATI uses the power of collaboration to help you communicate openly with government customers, better understand their needs, compete for research projects, and move your technology into the federal market.

Industries We Represent
  • Shipbuilding

    Advances in shipbuilding and ship repair for a more capable U.S. Navy

  • Metal Part Manufacturing

    Innovations in metal materials, processes, and design

  • Composite Applications

    Applying composite materials to improve durability and performance

  • Healthcare

    Protecting and healing those who serve

  • DoD Prototypes

    Next-generation prototypes to give America’s military the decisive edge

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum

    Innovative technologies to improve the use and sharing of the electromagnetic spectrum

  • Space Technology

    Space-related technology and satellite standards development

  • Collaboration Management

    We recruit, organize, and manage teams of large and small businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations to conduct research and develop new technologies for our federal clients. We don’t bring you our solution; we bring you the best solution.

  • Other Transaction Agreements

    Other Transaction (OT) agreements relieve some of the contractual burdens typically placed on contractors working for federal clients, making it possible for non-traditional contractors – small and emerging companies – to participate in technology development. ATI is the Consortium Management Firm for 12 OT-based consortia.

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Current OTAs

There are 30 Other Transaction (OT) authority consortia currently providing the government with access to diverse range of cutting-edge research and prototypes.


National Spectrum Consortium Wins $2.5 Billion Spectrum Forward Other Transaction Agreement from the US Department of Defense

OTA will ensure American leadership, innovation and jobs in advanced technologies that rely upon electromagnetic spectrum including 5G, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, Big Data and beyond.


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