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We recruit, organize, and manage teams of large and small businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations to conduct research and develop new technologies for our federal clients. We don’t bring you our solution; we bring you the best solution.

Flexible Collaboration Models
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)-Based Collaborations

    Emphasis on Rapid Development and Transition of Tech Solutions

  • Formal Consortia With Set Membership

    Focused Industry Communities for Strong Project Teams

  • Open Source Collaborations

    Reducing Barriers to Entry to Cast a Wider Net for Tech Providers

  • Other Transaction Agreements

    Fast and Flexible – Reduced Bureaucracy for Fast Acquisition of New Technologies

  • ATI has extensive experience and expertise in the Other Transaction consortium business model.

    Other Transaction (OT) agreement consortia are ‘enterprise partnerships’ between the government and technology providers in a specific domain. The OT consortium model relieves some of the contractual burdens typically placed on contractors working for federal clients.

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Effective Business Systems

ATI brings effective business systems to consortia of industry and academic partners so that technologists and engineers can focus on technology development.

We offer the right level of oversight and support at each stage of the collaborative research and development process – from team formation to research execution. Areas of expertise include financial and accounting, contractual, and program management. We identify and mitigate the risks inherent in collaborative applied R&D, such as sourcing challenges, intellectual property, funding, partner conflicts and regulatory issues.

We employ many effective models for soliciting research to support the government in selecting the most capable sources of technology development. Non-traditional providers deliver innovation, but typically do not have the contracting capability to conduct business with the federal government. Extensive participation by non-traditional technology providers is a hallmark of ATI-led collaborations.

We protect client and partner information with determined vigilance. In 2016, ATI won a Cogswell Award from the DoD Defense Security Service for our outstanding information security program.

ATI enables widespread transition of new technologies to solve client challenges.

When it is a client goal, we help transition new technologies to industry and put them into widespread use.

Our research teams do not just produce white papers. We execute applied research that generates valuable technologies. When technology transition is an objective of a program, ATI assures widespread application of technologies – from small groups of first adopters, to communities of early adopters, to industry-wide application.

Our Programs

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ATI builds robust technology development teams from companies of all sizes and types to ensure robust competition for the best ideas and technology solutions.

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