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ATI helps you communicate openly with government customers, better understand their needs, and move your technology into the federal market.


Collaboration is key to our mutual success. Diversity is also key, and the best technology solutions come from a variety of experts and perspectives. We break down the traditional and regulatory barriers, bringing together the best technology partners from established companies and cutting edge startups. We build industry-leading consortia to provide government access to new, emerging and disruptive technologies not currently available to the federal marketplace.

ATI Benefits
  • Speed

    ATI has a demonstrated ability to quickly form R&D teams. Our streamlined contracting gets new technologies developed and delivered quickly.

  • Innovation

    ATI engages traditional and nontraditional technology providers. We help balance competition and collaboration to ensure that our clients have access to the best solutions.

  • Communication

    Frequent communications help industry and government better understand one another. That helps maps solutions to challenges.

  • Why Collaboration Matters

    Collaboration and effective technology development requires a balance between competition and cooperation. Competition ensures that teams are working their hardest to give innovative, dedicated solutions to the task at hand. And at the end of the day, when it comes time to create, effective cooperation gives companies from disparate industries a common goal.

  • Our Current Programs

    ATI was a pioneer in collaborative R&D management. We were the first company exclusively focused on building and managing multi-industry consortia and we have perfected our craft. For over 20 years, ATI-led teams have delivered valuable technologies and process improvements for the DoD, federal agencies and industry.

Success Stories


Battle Ready

By enabling collaboration between government, industry, and academia, the AMC successfully delivers innovative metalcasting solutions and best-value support to our Warfighters



Other Transaction collaborations bring the Federal Government up-to-speed on industry’s newest technologies.



By facilitating teaming, ATI and the Vertical Lift Consortium help industry respond quickly to government needs for critical technologies.