ATI Builds and Manages R&D Collaborations

ATI helps move innovation from industry and academia to the Government, particularly the DoD.


ATI recruits, organizes, and manages teams of large and small businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations to develop new technologies for our federal clients. We don’t bring our solution; we bring the best solution for the DoD’s most urgent challenges.

A hallmark of ATI-managed collaborations is access to non-traditionals, innovative companies that have not traditionally worked with Government due to the complexity of Federal contracting. We vet these innovators, teach them how to work with the Government, and provide online and in-person forums where they can meet and partner with traditional defense contractors.

In today’s environment of increasingly sophisticated adversaries and rapid technology refresh, speed of technology acquisition is critical to the DoD. ATI’s expertise in program management and rapid contracting ensures that we deliver new technologies at the speed of mission.

  • Our Mission

    ATI’s mission is to lessen the burdens on government by coordinating and executing our nation’s most innovative research initiatives.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision for accomplishing this mission is for ATI to be the premier force in uniting the best and brightest research and development teams to solve the nation’s greatest challenges.

Our Core Values


ATI's core belief is in service; to our country, our customers, and to each other.
We achieve this through:

  • Integrity

    Integrity in everything we do.

  • Passion

    Passion for work that matters.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork to accomplish the mission.

  • Excellence

    A commitment to Excellence.

  • Agility

    Agility in meeting the needs of our customers.