Collaborative R&D

We Build and Lead technology development collaborations

We recruit, organize and manage consortia of industry and academic partners, overcoming traditional barriers to teaming such as geographical and organizational divides and intellectual property issues. We help team members – often competitors - reach consensus, establish priorities and produce technology solutions for our federal clients.

Flexible Collaboration Models

ATI builds and manages diverse collaborations. We have expertise in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)-based, commercial and Other Transaction Agreement models. We tailor these models to fit client goals and to generate technology solutions for a wide variety of complex challenges.

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ATI has extensive experience in


Other Transactions (OT) agreements relieve some of the contractual burdens typically placed on contractors working for federal clients, making it possible for non-traditional contractors - small and emerging companies - to participate in technology development. ATI is the Consortium Management Firm for seven DoD-sponsored OT-Consortia.

ATI provides comprehensive

Business Systems

including financial and accounting, contractual and program management. We protect client and partner information with determined vigilance. In 2016, ATI won a Cogswell Award from the DoD Defense Security Service for our outstanding information security program.

ATI has a long history of effective


ATI programs generate real-world, relevant, mission-critical technologies and put them to use to achieve customer goals. ATI has demonstrated success in supporting the entire technology development continuum - from rapid prototyping to wide-spread implementation to full commercialization.

ATI’s client base, partner network and research programs have grown based on our

strong track record

ATI was a pioneer in collaborative R&D management. We were the first company exclusively focused on building and managing multi-industry consortia and we have perfected our craft. For over 20 years, ATI-led teams have delivered valuable technologies and process improvements for the DoD, federal agencies and industry.

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