Delivering Speed and Innovation

We build and manage R&D collaborations to solve our nation’s most urgent challenges at the speed of need. We are the largest driver of R&D innovation annually in the nation.

Our Core Collaborators

Government agencies

We help over 100 government sponsors collaborate with the best and brightest innovators to accelerate technological progress, focus their resources on the mission, and access emerging technologies.


We connect innovators—leading academics, seasoned and emerging technologists, small and large businesses, traditional and non-traditional contractors, and nonprofit organizations—with federal funding to showcase their work, accelerate their research and development, and expand their platform. With access to our vetted network, researchers and technologists gain exposure to other entrepreneurs and competitive funding opportunities.

Accelerating Impact for over 25 Years

We support R&D projects that have had real national security impact across a wide range of areas from aviation to armaments to biomedical to shipbuilding. Active recruitment of non-traditional innovators is the life-blood of a thriving collaboration.

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Delivering Technologies of the Future

We exist to lessen the burden on the Government and accelerate the development of transformative technologies. We do that by coordinating and executing our nation’s most innovative research initiatives, providing the Government’s largest supply of non-traditional innovators.

These include leading researchers from industry, emerging entrepreneurs from academia, and business leaders who have never worked with the Federal Government.

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Are You an Innovator?

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