What started as a project to facilitate the development of technology standards became a new way for the Department of Defense to execute its most pressing research, development, and prototyping initiatives. ATI did not drive the market…

The market drove ATI to be bold and think big. Industry and academia have long sought to support the warfighter through innovation – they just needed a better way to do it.

ATI’s entire consortium portfolio are traceable to early projects executed as an operating division of the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA), a non-profit chartered to grow the research activities of S.C. universities and promote technology industry development in the state. In those early days, the Advanced Technology division of SCRA focused its early consortium management practice on supply chain sustainment of legacy weapons systems parts and the development of industry interoperability standards. Though small, these projects offered the opportunity to develop and hone a collaboration management toolset, while gaining appreciation for the value of bringing together disparate entities and facilitating their efforts to develop innovative solutions to national challenges.

Building on the success of these early projects while a division of SCRA, ATI set out to mainstream consortium management in DoD R&D programs. Like the consortia it would eventually manage, ATI was purpose-built to lead and manage federal technology R&D collaborations. In 1998, SCRA spun out Advanced Technology division as the Advanced Technology Institute (later changed to “International”), with a small but vibrant consortium portfolio. Since the very beginning, ATI was built on a belief that facilitated collaboration among industry, academia, and the government to drive real innovation, deliver better and faster solutions to our nation’s most challenging technology requirements, and enhances diversity of the U.S. technology supply base. Quite simply, it is a better way of doing business.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Our History

Our Mission

ATI’s mission is to lessen the burden on government by coordinating and executing our nation’s most innovative research initiatives.

Our Vision

Our vision for accomplishing this mission is for ATI to be the premier force in uniting the best and brightest research and development teams to solve the nation’s greatest challenges.

Our Core Values

Our core belief is in service; to our country, our customers, and to each other. We achieve this through: