America’s DataHub Consortium formed to accelerate data and statistical innovation

Advanced Technology International (ATI) is proud to announce it has been awarded America’s DataHub Consortium (ADC) by the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES), National Science Foundation (NSF). The ADC will strengthen, support, and advance the NCSES mission by engaging in ground-breaking activities related to data access and sharing, infrastructure, and analysis across the broad landscape of the science and engineering enterprise.

The ADC is a collaboration executed under an Other Arrangement (OA) with NSF and NCSES. The ADC construct will allow the consortium to nimbly address and adapt to emerging challenges. The consortium’s primary objectives are to:

  • Develop new ways of acquiring and linking data to yield valuable insights into critical issues
  • Support cutting-edge data infrastructure
  • Build even stronger data security capabilities to further increase privacy protections and public trust
  • Provide novel and innovative analyses
  • Document and provide lessons learned for similar activities across the federal government.

ATI, the pioneer in R&D collaboration management, has more than 20 years of experience building and managing innovators. ATI currently manages 23 R&D collaborations spanning various technology areas. The South Carolina-based nonprofit has the resources to manage various projects for multiple stakeholders, as well as the experience to adapt to unique and emerging challenges.

“We’re so proud to partner with NSF and NCSES to form America’s DataHub Consortium,” said Chris Van Metre, ATI President and CEO. “For nearly a quarter century, ATI has built collaboration teams to address the nation’s greatest challenges. The ADC’s efforts will be an invaluable resource for the federal government to accelerate data and statistical innovation.”

The ADC is accepting member applications from our nation’s best innovators: academia, for-profit, non-profit, small business, and non-traditional government contractors. Please visit for more information.


ATI, a nonprofit based in Summerville, S.C., builds and manages collaborations that conduct research and development of new technologies to solve our nation’s most pressing challenges. Fueled by a community of experts from industry, academia, and government, ATI uses the power of collaboration to help the federal government quickly acquire novel technologies. ATI manages both Other Transaction Agreement (OTA)-based and Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR)-based collaborations, many of which are for the Department of Defense. | LinkedIn | Twitter | collaborATIon app

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