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The Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Consortium is a well-established community of industry, academia and government focused on rapid prototyping and maturing countering WMD efforts and CBRNE hazard awareness. Through an Other Transaction Agreement with the JPEO-CBRND (Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense), the CWMD Consortium is accomplishing the counter WMD related prototyping needs of any federal agency.

The CWMD scope spans development of PPE, detection systems, sensors, other protection needs, and situational awareness. These address consequence management/hazard mitigation; threats/vulnerabilities awareness and counter-proliferation technologies/capabilities; arms control technologies; experimentation of emerging technologies and CBRNE technologies to deliver capabilities to the warfighter.

Advanced Sensors/Platforms, Advanced Technology Demonstrations (ATD), Agent Defeat/Neutralization, Analyses of Alternatives, analyze, and disseminate), and Experimentation of Emerging Technologies, and Local First Responders), Arms Control Technologies, Biological Radiological, C4ISR systems for WMD detection, CBRN Advisors, CBRNE Counter-Proliferation Equipment, CBRNE Defense Equipment, CBRNE Nonproliferation Equipment, chemical, Combating other Improvised Threats, Combatting IEDs and Networks, Consequence Management and Hazard Mitigation, Contract Development & Manufacturing, Counter-Proliferation Intelligence, Counter-Proliferation Technologies and Capabilities, countering weapons of mass destruction, CWMD, CWMD Support Integration (between Federal, Decontaminate Personnel and Equipment, Decontamination Systems, demonstration, deployment, Development, Device Defeat/Neutralization, Disease Detection Systems, Early Warning Architecture and Infrastructure, Enhancement of Force Effectiveness, exploit, F3EAD Process Technologies (find, finish, fix, Fundamental Science, Hazard Estimation/Measurement/Modeling Systems, Health/Disease Surveillance, Individual/Collective Protection, Innovative Concepts/Technologies, Installation and Force Protection, Interactive Training, Manned/unmanned CWMD Support Platforms, Material Solutions to First Responders, Medical/Physical Countermeasures, Modeling/Simulation, Non-intrusive Diagnostics, Nuclear and High Explosives (CBRNE), Nuclear Deterrence, Passive/Active Detection/Detectors, Physical Protection Platforms, PPE, Precursor Defeat/Neutralization, Program/Personnel Management, Proliferation Pathway Analysis, Prompt Advanced Diagnostics, Proposal Writing, Protective Equipment, Rapid Casualty Recovery, Research and Development, Responsive Laboratory Analysis, Sample Collection Assets, Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE)/Forensics, Sharing/Integrating Data, Simulation/Testing, Situational Awareness/Information Systems, Standoff Detection, State, Subtractive/Additive Manufacturing, Surveillance/Reconnaissance, Systems Integration, Tagging/Tracking WMD Materials, Threat Destruction, Threat Neutralization, Threat Removal, Threat Transport, Threat/Vulnerability Intelligence, Threats and Vulnerabilities Awareness, Unmanned Systems/Robotics, Verification/Monitoring, WMD-related international agreements, WMD-related international arms control, WMD-related international initiatives, WMD-related international treaties, WMD-related international understandings