Program Solicitations

Current and Upcoming Business Opportunities

Gain access to business and research opportunities through ATI collaborations


Federally-funded research and technology development collaborations represent great business opportunities for those in academia and industry, especially small and emerging companies that have not traditionally worked with the government in the past. The below lists include current and upcoming solicitations encompassing a wide range of programs and technology areas.

This information changes frequently. In most cases, consortia membership is required in order to access and respond to a solicitation. Also, some of the posted solicitations may require a precursor response prior to the submission deadline listed. Please refer to the individual program websites for official instructions and to ensure you are on the program mailing list for notifications.

Businesses, non-profits, and academic organizations can find more details about these specific opportunities by clicking on the links to the appropriate program websites. We’ll help you understand the benefits of consortium membership, learn how your company can join these technology development collaborations and respond to solicitations for federally-funded research projects, individually or in teams. If you have questions about these solicitations or consortium operations in general, please contact either the corresponding program team or ATI at