To celebrate the first year of the Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP), we take a look back at the consortium’s accomplishments in developing technologies to advance the nation’s information warfare capabilities. ATI has managed IWRP since October 2018 and, in that time, the consortium’s members have had more than 400 opportunities to collaborate on prototype projects in many different technology focus areas, including cyber warfare, cloud computing, battlespace awareness, Internet of Things (IoT) embedded systems, and more.

Of the 428 consortium members, about 75 percent are nontraditional—small and large businesses or other organizations that don’t traditionally work with the government. This diverse group of innovators devise and develop powerful technologies to quickly meet the warfighter’s needs.

Through the use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA), the process is nimble.  IWRP has reduced the contracting award timeline by 80 percent compared to traditional award methods.

The IWRP team plans for even more success as we move into FY20, projecting a healthy increase in prototype awards, with a keen focus on providing a competitive advantage to the American warfighter.

Click here to watch a video by Naval Information Warfare Systems Command-NAVWAR on the IWRP Year in Review.

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