The Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies (CREaTe) formed in March 2022, and reached 104 members by the end of FY22. In June 2022, members of CREaTe and key government stakeholders conducted a road mapping workshop to identify technology gaps, and make recommendations to close the gaps. The workshop was divided into four separately facilitated sessions: extracting, processing, reclaiming, and rare earth alternatives. Only three months after forming, 51 different member companies participated in this event! The recommendations from this event are aimed to help government stakeholders identify where future investment is needed. ​

About CREaTe:

The Consortium for Rare Earths Technologies (CREaTe) brings together the community of organizations that mine, process and use Rare Earths, and connects them with the organizations that can develop technologies to help them. CREaTe focuses on enabling collaborative technology development from pre-competitive roadmapping up through prototype development and production for the benefit of the entire U.S. industrial base. Representatives from U.S. government, industry and academia are invited to join CREaTe.

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