MTEC Success Story

Editor’s Note: This post is part of a COVID-19 success stories series. 

Centivax is a therapeutics company founded to treat, cure and eradicate complex pathogens of the 21st century. This goal is executed by combining computationally-guided therapeutic engineering to efficiently make break-through medicines. With funding from the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC), Centivax is developing an optimized antibody therapeutic to treat, as well as protect against, COVID-19.

The team was able to successfully engineer a potent therapeutic antibody in less than nine weeks. The antibody has also been engineered for optimal therapeutic properties, including prevention against antibody-dependent enhancement, enhanced potency, thermostability, bioavailability, extended half-life, and enhanced safety. Centivax anticipates that the antibody will be delivered intravenously, as well as subcutaneously, and will be useful in both hospital and non-hospital settings. This therapeutic would address the military need for a field-deployable treatment for COVID-19.

This effort demonstrates how OTAs rapidly deliver innovative research and technology from a small, nontraditional business such as Centivax to quickly address critical needs. MTEC recently recognized Centivax with a Prototype of the Year Award at its 6th Annual Membership Meeting. Centivax was also recognized in 2019 for its universal vaccine technology with the Gates Foundation Grand Challenge “End the Pandemic Threat” award, and in 2020, was featured in the Netflix documentary series: “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak.”

About MTEC:

MTEC seeks to accelerate the delivery of technology and medical solutions that prevent and treat injuries and restore America’s military and veterans to full health.

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