The rollout of 5G – or fifth generation – wireless networks and supporting technologies worldwide will have broad implications for not only the commercial industry, but will also impact the government and military applications. 5G means faster connections, and opens the door to new capabilities like Internet of Things devices, machine-to-machine connections, and much, much more. Wireless users everywhere are looking forward to these enhancements.

The Information Warfare Research Project and the National Spectrum Consortium are managing several prototype projects to determine exactly how 5G may benefit the Department of Defense. These projects will set the course in enabling the government to understand security aspects and how 5G can be used to deliver enhanced communications and technologies moving forward.

This effort demonstrates the power of collaboration in delivering innovation and cutting-edge experimentation to strengthen warfighting capabilities.

IWRP engages industry and academia to develop and mature technologies in the field of information warfare.

The NSC is working with the U.S. Government and private sector to turn the promise of 5G into a reality.

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