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Editor’s Note: This post is part of a COVID-19 success stories series. 

Pulmotect, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company and non-traditional member of the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC), is joining the fight against COVID-19. The company received funding from the Department of Defense to complete two ongoing COVID-19 Phase-2 clinical trials of its innate immune-stimulating drug, PUL-042.

PUL-042 is designed to fight a wide range of respiratory pathogens. The company had been evaluating the effectiveness of PUL-042 in treating respiratory issues in cancer patients, but when the pandemic hit, it pivoted towards testing the effect on COVID-19.

In the first study, 200 participants will receive either PUL-042 or a placebo over a 10-day period to evaluate the prevention of infection and reduction in the severity of COVID-19. In the second study, 100 participants with early symptoms of COVID-19 are receiving PUL-042 or placebo administered over a six-day period. PUL-042 may not only aid in helping those infected with COVID-19, but it could also be effective against other pathogens that infect the respiratory tract.

This effort demonstrates the agility of the OTA collaboration model to drive innovation from the industrial base to support government needs.

About MCDC:

MCDC focuses on innovative, safe, and effective medical solutions to counter CBRN threats.  MCDC accelerates the Department of Defense’s fielding of prototypes for medical countermeasures to enhance the mission effectiveness of military personnel.

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