In celebration of National Spectrum Consortium’s anniversary this month, we are looking back at its achievements and collaborative efforts over the past seven years. NSC supports the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Emerging Capabilities and Prototyping by providing an innovation ecosystem to foster rapid research and development and incubate new technologies that revolutionize the way in which the spectrum is utilized.

Since August 2014, NSC has grown to more than 440 members, of which 76 percent are nontraditional defense contractors, meaning they are businesses that do not typically participate in federal research and development. The consortium’s membership consists of small and large businesses, emerging companies, and academic institutions that work with the government to solve the toughest problems facing the nation with regard to 5G, 5G-based technologies, and spectrum access and sharing. To date, 108 projects have been awarded with 57 percent of them going to nontraditional members.

NSC looks forward to continuing to identify, develop, and demonstrate the enabling technologies necessary to broaden the military and commercial access to and use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

About the National Spectrum Consortium

The National Spectrum Consortium is a research and development organization that incubates new technologies to revolutionize the way in which spectrum is utilized. Their technologists, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and program managers work with their counterparts in government to solve the toughest problems facing the nation with regard to spectrum and spectrum-enabled technologies, providing the DoD and other customers with spectrum superiority. NSC is supported by Advanced Technology International.

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