The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) has established the Maritime Sustainment Technology and Innovation Consortium (MSTIC). This collaboration team is focused on innovative sustainment solutions to effectively address current and future security threats in maritime environments. MSTIC engages industry and academia to develop and mature technologies in the field of Maritime Sustainment that enhance the Navy’s mission effectiveness.

MSTIC is a consortium of premier traditional and non-traditional government contractors, small and large businesses, for-profit and not-for-profit entities, and academic organizations to perform R&D prototyping efforts.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Obsolescence and Tech Refresh Product Development,

Data Transformation,


Fleet Introduction Technologies,

Waterfront Industrial Support Operations,

Asset Fabrication, Revitalization (Remanufacturing) and Packing,

Logistic and Supply Chain Management, and Research and Development,



Networked Communications,


Neural Network/Machine Learning,

Artificial Intelligence,

Virtual Reality,

AC Power Generation,

Fault Protection,

Power Distribution,

Power Conversion,

Harmonic Filtering,

EMI Hardening & Filtering, Conductors,

Power System Modeling & Simulation,

MVDC Components and systems,

Motor Controllers,

Energy Storage (batteries, capacitors),

Electric Actuators,

Shaft Seals,

Air Handling (Fans, blowers, dampers, ducting, etc.),


Reverse Osmosis,

Breathing Air Purification,

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration,

Gas Turbines,

Fuel Cells,

High Temperature Superconductivity,

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing,

Laser Scanning,

Parametric Scaling Software & Tools,

Our Collaborations