The Consortium for Rare Earths Technologies (CREaTe) brings together the community of organizations that mine, process and use Rare Earths, and connects them with the organizations that can develop technologies to help them. CREaTe focuses on enabling collaborative technology development from pre-competitive roadmapping up through prototype development and production for the benefit of the entire U.S. industrial base. Representatives from U.S. government, industry and academia are invited to join CREaTe.

Rare Earth Technologies,

Alternative and Unconventional Sources Such As Recycling, Coal Tailings, and Deep-Sea Mud,

Resource Mining and Extraction, Including Eco-Friendly Approaches,

Processing Including Upstream Ore Separation, Downstream Refinement, and Purification,

Innovative Separation Technologies,

Waste Disposal, Treatment and Mitigation,

Rare Earth Elements and Strategic Material Applications,

Rare Earth Elements Substitutes,

Our Collaborations