The Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC) is a well-established community of industry, academia, and government focused on rapid prototyping and maturing medical countermeasures to prevent, detect and treat exposure to CBRN threats. Through an Other Transaction Agreement with the JPEO-CBRND (Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense), the MCDC is developing life-saving medical pharmaceutical, diagnostics and therapeutics to safe-guard and enhance the mission effectiveness of our soldiers.

The MCDC scope spans development of medical countermeasure prototypes to include vaccines (COVID-19, Marburg, Ebola, VEE, VEEV, Botulinum, etc.), therapeutics (COVID-19, SNAPP, small molecule antivirals, OPNAs, Smallpox, MDR Bacterial bio threat pathogens, Tularemia, etc.), detection/diagnostics (Meliodiosis, Plague, CRISPR-based, man-portable diagnostics systems, antibody platforms, etc.), autoinjectors (Scopolamine, Naloxone, Diazepam, etc.) and other needs.

ABSL-3, Analytical Development, Animal model development, Animal models, Anti-biofilm, Antibodies, Antimicrobials, Artificial cells, Auto Injectors, Bacterial bio-agents, Bacteriophage, Bioassays, Biological toxins, Biological vectors, Biologics, Biologics Manuf., Biomolecular Engineering, biomolecules, Biosimilars, Bioterrorism Agents/Diseases×, Blood products, BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3, BSL-4, CBRN, CDMO (contract development manufacturing organization), cGMP manufacturing, Chemical agents, Chemical threat antidotes, Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) exposure, Chlamydial bio-agents, Clinical Trial, CMO (contract manufacturing organization), Commercial Scale lots, Continuous manufacturing, CRO (contract research organization), Custom Synthesis, Data Science/Software, Devices, diagnosis, Diagnostic tests, Diagnostics Instruments, Diagnostics reagents, Discovery technology, Drug Delivery, Drugs, Electronics, engineering, Ex vivo human mimetics, Experience with animal rule, FDA, Fill / Finish, Formulation, Formulation Development, Gene/Genome sequencing, GLP, Imaging, Labeling & packaging, Live vectored / virus products, Lyophilization, manufacturing, Mass spectroscopy, mature prophylaxis, MCDC, medical CBRN Defense consortium, medical countermeasure enabling technologies, Method Development, Microarrays, Molecular simulations, Mycotic bio-agents, Nanotechnology, Nasal spray, Novel manuf. technologies, Nucleic acid amplification, Nucleic Acids, Oral availability, Organism Engineering, Personal Protective Equipment, Phase I Clinical Trials, Platform Technologies, Polymers/Materials, Portable manufacturing, post-exposure technologies, post-exposure therapeutics, post-symptomatic therapeutics, Pre-Clinical Trials, Pre-formulation, Prefilled syringes, pretreatment, prevention, Process Development, Product Design, Production, Prophylactics, Proteins/Peptides, Quality Control (QC) testing, Regulatory Support, Research Instrumentation, Rickettsial bio-agents, Scale-up, Sensors, Separations media, Small Molecule Manuf., Stability Studies, Storage and distribution, Surgical/medical instruments, Technology Transfer, Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) exposure, Treatment, Treatments for chemical warfare, Treatments for radiation injury, Vaccines, Viral bio-agents, viral toxins, Virus-like particles, viruses, Waste disposal

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