America’s DataHub Consortium (ADC) has announced the awardees of two recent projects: the Privacy Preserving Technologies Phase 1 – Environmental Scan project and the Data Protection Toolkit Use Case Analysis project. Research Triangle Institute was selected to lead the Privacy Preserving Technologies Phase 1 – Environmental Scan 6-month project valued at $280,364. NORC at the University of Chicago was selected to lead the Data Protection Toolkit Use Case Analysis Project, which is also a 6-month project, and is valued at $243,172.

The Privacy Preserving Technologies Phase 1 – Environmental Scan project aims to compile a list of pilots and/or projects currently testing or implementing privacy preserving technologies (PPT) throughout government, academia, and the private sector. The selected solution is tasked with providing a full understanding of the current landscape of privacy preserving technologies for the protection of persons, data, and systems that contribute to the use of confidential data — including both individual-level and business data — for evidence-building and policymaking.

“We are excited to award Research Triangle Institute this effort,” said Dr. Heather Madray, Program Director for Data Access, Confidentiality, and Quality Assessment (DACQA), NCSES. “Their approach to researching the field of privacy preserving technologies will pave the way for future phases of the project that include testing the relative efficacy, accessibility, and feasibility of these tools and techniques as well as inform the National Secure Data Service Demonstration Project.”

The Data Protection Toolkit Use Case Analysis project looks to conduct a use case analysis of the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology’s Data Protection Toolkit This analysis would identify successful use cases and potential enhancements to the toolkit for enabling access to federal data assets while protecting confidentiality.

“The Data Protection Toolkit is a government-wide resource that provides resources, tools, and content about protecting data. The toolkit builds on well-established expertise within the Federal Statistical System,” stated Dr. Madray. “NORC at the University of Chicago’s project best aligns with our objectives for exploring use cases and potential enhancements to the Data Protection Toolkit.”

America’s DataHub Consortium extends its gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions. This and future ADC projects have the potential to make a significant impact on data privacy and protection, ensuring the responsible and ethical use of data for the benefit of individuals and organizations alike.

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About America’s DataHub Consortium

America’s DataHub Consortium (ADC) is a public-private partnership that brings together experts from government, industry, and academia to collaboratively research and solve our nation’s toughest challenges. ADC utilizes a fast, flexible, and scalable acquisition process to address emerging challenges.

ADC also offers its members streamlined access to federal government funding and the opportunity to take on critical evidence building challenges. In addition, members can research and locate other companies for potential project collaboration. ADC is managed by Advanced Technology International.

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